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In 2050, Africa would experience an increase in youth population than any other continent of the world. Presently, Africa is a ‘youth continent’ because Africa has larger number of youth in its population than what is obtainable in other continents of the world. This means that most events and developments (whether covert or overt) depend on youth involvement. For example, about 37 % of Africa’s workforce are youth (between age 15-24), either self-employed or as employees in blue-collar, pink-collar or white-collar jobs.Oroke High School, Akungba-Akoko

According, to the United Nations (2010-2011) Regional Overview of Youth in Africa, Youth population in West Africa would be higher in 2050 at about 19% (18.8) than other regions in the continent. There is no gainsaying that Nigeria would be a large contributor to this increase.


Rosey International envisages a community of vibrant young ones, thoroughly equipped and ready to face the future, identify and utilize opportunities to make remarkable impacts in life.


The mission of Rosey International is to explore and utilise alternative means for developing the capacities of young ones, equipping and developing them for a successful future.

In Nigeria, it is now a trite that the youth are “leaders of tomorrow”. Notwithstanding the contentions surrounding this claim, national development or otherwise largely depends on the youth. The United Nations Population Fact (2015) rightly states, “If youth are provided with sufficient education, training and jobs then the growth in their numbers could be highly beneficial for development” [Emphasis ours].

We may not know what these facts and figures imply for many people; but for us [Rosey International] there is much significance:

  • We understand that youth are unique (national) asset
  • We consider youth as a point of contact with the unseen future
  • We believe that youth in the grassroots are potential rugged leaders that could survive odd circumstances.

Through academic and career mentoring, we, therefore, invest our energy, money, skills and time into the young ones (between Primary School levels to Post-NYSC level) in order to actualise monumental reality, with the consciousness that Tomorrow Starts Now.

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